How to eat a passion fruit

It’s mid-October again, which means that North Oakland is awash in ripening passion fruit. Passion fruit are a delicacy even in North Oakland due to the dearth of public vines. They do exist, though, especially in Lower Temescal (in the low 40s-numbered streets). When you do find one, the next challenge could be figuring out how best to enjoy the fruit.

Below are a few simple guidelines.

Step 1: Take note of ripening passion fruit. If the fruit appears on private property, ask the residents of the property if you can harvest a few excess passion fruit they don’t intend to harvest. If your neighbors are as friendly as mine, they will definitely grant you permission to harvest the fruit, and will be appreciative that you asked permission prior to harvesting.

Step 2: Wait for passion fruit to ripen and fall. A deep purple and wrinkled skin indicate ripeness. Collect fruit.

Step 3: With a sharp paring knife, slice in half and enjoy with a friend.

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