Hear in the City: Radio Realities from the Urban Landscapes

Forage Oakland will be on “Hear in the City” this afternoon at 3:30 pm, so tune in! In Los Angeles, the show is broadcast on 90.7 FM.

Here is a bit of information about the radio program, culled from their website:

Our show: focuses on local environment, arts, education, and culture in and around Los Angeles. Our goal is to map the city through sound-rich profiles of people living and working toward creative social change and solutions.
We envision our show as radio for and by community stakeholders. One main tactic in that strategy is that we, as journalists and producers, work with community stakeholders who have important stories to tell. We assign a producer to help tell that story in a way that makes for compelling radio. As opposed to speaking with “sources” or “subjects” on themes of interest and news-worthiness, we work with people who have an interest in getting the word out and are clear about what their interest and POV is.

We are producers of conversations that bring listeners to an issue of common interest through audio gathering techniques that highlight places and peoples. We encourage the people who we collaborate with to spread the word about the project and help us to create an audience of interested and invested community participants. Stay tuned as we unfold this plan.”


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