Forage Oakland Survey: Please Help Us!

While the Forage Oakland Blogspot site is no longer active, I would like to alert visitors to the fact that I have posted the Forage Oakland user survey on the new tumblr site. Here is a bit of information about the survey, and a link to the survey itself:

Thank you for taking time to complete the Forage Oakland survey. Forage Oakland is a backyard barter network that serves North Oakland residents who have an excess of backyard fruit. Residents join the project and barter their surplus fruit with their neighbors’ surplus bounty.

This year, Forage Oakland will be collaborating with Youth Radio ( to hone its distribution, exchange, and participation systems, with the goal of extending participation to a greater number of Oakland neighborhoods. Residents of West Oakland, downtown, and Lake Merritt neighborhoods have expressed interest in either developing similar fruit tree barter networks, or participating in the present Forage Oakland scheme. The goals of the Forage Oakland/ Youth Radio collaboration are threefold:

* Extend participation to all Oakland residents who have expressed interest in participation

* Connect Oakland youth with local fruit tree owners, and offer youth the chance to fulfill required community service hours through Forage Oakland harvesting missions

* Connect Oakland-ers who have time to harvest fruit with other Oakland-ers who have excess fruit

This survey will help us develop a sense of current members’ needs as we move forward with developing our 2011 projects. Your feedback will be anonymous and confidential, and will only be used for the purpose of creating a fruit barter network that accurately reflects the needs of our community.

Thank you for your time! Click here to take the survey.

Sincerely, Asiya of Forage Oakland


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