Goodbye Blogspot, hello Tumblr!

Blogspot has been an excellent forum for the online presence of Forage Oakland, but 2011 marks a revamping of the project, and as such, I’d like to explore other formats for dissimenating information. So, Forage Oakland is moving to Tumblr! What I like about Tumblr is that it lends itself to curating a site that contains traditional blog pieces, but not to the detriment of sharing nascent ideas or thoughts. Links, photos, audio and video files can all be shared quite easily on the Tumblr site, and that appeals to me. Often, I’d like to simply share a link that I’ve come across in the course of the day, and do so without including a lengthy narrative. I will be able to achieve this on the Tumblr site. Please bookmark the new site, and click here to begin exploring the new Forage Oakland forum.

Goodbye Blogspot!



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