Your Expertise.

Sometimes I receive emails from enthusiastic readers who have questions that I cannot answer, i.e. questions that require the technical knowledge of a seasoned pruner, a jam maker with years of experience under his or her belt, or someone with vast knowledge of plant identification that exceeds my experience.

I am an ardent jam maker, an avid harvester and ever-committed to learning more about the various facets that encompass the Forage Oakland project; but, I am- by no means (!)- an expert in all these capacities. If you fancy yourself (or simply someone who can offer guidance in fielding questions in these fields) an expert in plant biology; pruning and general fruit tree maintenance; jam making; and other fields related to this project, send me an email! To be able to refer to someone with greater expertise when fielding technical questions would be quite useful.

The commitment will be minimal and hopefully you’ll enjoy being a part of this project. Send an email to


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