Gather It! How to Organize an Urban Fruit Harvest

Hi there. This summer will be spent finishing the Forage Oakland Instructional Manual that I began last summer, but I’d highly recommend referencing Solid Ground’s harvesting instructional guide as well. Solid Ground is a Seattle-based organization ‘dedicated to achieving a just and caring community, free from poverty, prejudice and neglect. It’s mission is to develop and provide creative, comprehensive and effective responses to our community’s needs; offer quality human services in a manner that promotes dignity; advocate for public policies and private initiatives that give all people equal opportunities and resources; support the efforts of others who share our vision of community.‘ Last summer, Solid Ground produced a comprehensive community harvesting guide that will offer clear guidance in establishing one’s own fruit harvesting network in the city. The guide includes information on how to plan, establish, and execute a community harvesting project, and also offers useful advice in best practices in involving the community and building lasting alliances with various networks.

Please support their great work by participating in a harvest if you- by chance- find yourself in Seattle this summer. Regular harvests take place Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings (between July and September), and also are scheduled as needed or by special arrangement.


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