Nascent Steps to Begin a Forage Oakland and Youth Radio Collaboration

This post was written by Lissa Soep, Research Director and Senior Producer at Youth Radio. This update was originally posted on the HASTAC (Humanities, Arts, Sciences, and Technology Advanced Collaboratory) site.

“Greetings from Youth Radio’s Mobile Action Lab!

Our charge: to engage 25 young people in collaboration with pro developers to create 5 apps that serve real needs in youth communities. Check out the video for a three-minute version of what we have in mind (and we’d love your feedback).

So far, we’ve been tapping our advisors and collaborator, Mark Kantor–25-year-old co-founder of Graffiti, one of the biggest apps on Facebook–to plan the year. And we’ve been hooking up with partners who’ve got great community projects going that could use youth-generated apps to make them even better.

Like Asiya Wadud, who created the amazing Forage Oakland project, a fruit bartering system Asiya’s set up to gather and redistribute produce that would otherwise go to waste (here’s a NYTimes story about her work). Right now, it’s a ton of work for Asiya, riding around the neighborhood on her bike, harvesting fruit from people’s trees before it rots, and delivering the fresh produce around town. We’re talking to Asiya about creating a mobile app that automates some aspects of the distribution process and engages sites like schools, food banks, and youth organizations as destinations for food delivery. Youth Radio could be one of those sites, especially our Youth Radio Eats project, where young people prepare meals for one another and produce media on topics including food equity, health, and their entertaining and informative W.T.F.-What’s This Food? Series.”

Click here to read the full blog post.


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