Plum Harvests

You’ve probably noticed the tell-tale signs of the imminent plum bounty: hard, unripe fruit littering the sidewalk, the occasional ripe plum being devoured by an army of ants, the little mountain of wild plums settling in a heap at the bottom of driveways.

This summer, as previously mentioned, I’d like to experiment with decentralizing Forage Oakland, and that means decentralizing the harvest gatherings as well. We all know how prolific the plum bounty will be when it comes in earnest, and one way of truly capturing the bounty can be to organize a series of hyper-localized plum harvests. Imagine posting a simple, hand written sign on the telephone pole– in the same manner as people post signs advertising garage sales– and the sign will simply read ‘Plum Harvest: 123 41st St., 06/05/ 2010 between 10:00 am – 12:00 pm. Bring bags/ jars of jam to trade.’ Imagine, too, that you are out for an afternoon stroll and you happen upon this sign and it brings you such joy to know that an ad hoc plum harvest is in progress just blocks away! So, you stop by and meet new neighbors and leave with a bag of Santa Rosa plums.

In the same spirit, you post a sign once your blackberries, mulberries, and figs begin to ripen, and neighbors do not have to coyly sneak to sample your fruits– because you’ve invited them to help you harvest, consume, and share them. In this manner, you’ve met new neighbors, shared your backyard fruit, and possibly forged burgeoning relationships with someone in the next building over.

If you are so moved to post a Harvest Party sign, do so! If you need help posting Harvest Party signs, please call me at (510) 499-6315 or email I can help post signs in the coming weeks, and can also solicit others to do the same.


PS: Do you have Photo Shop skills? Help create a ‘Harvest Party’ sign in the style of a classic ‘Garage Sale’ sign.


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