Thank you!!

Thank you to all who came to today’s Winter Marmalade and Jam Exchange! It was a great success, what with a wide selection of marmalade, jams, jellies, chutneys, fresh fruit, and even chanterelles and olive oil, limoncello and orangecello.

Thanks to Scott for, once again, so generously hosting the Exchange.

Thanks to Rick for reading aloud his story of gleaning and pressing olives for oil in Davis.

And thank you to everyone who shared part of their afternoon with the Forage Oakland community. I apologize if I didn’t get a chance to individually say goodbye, but it was a bit frenzied towards the end. There will be a similar exchange come spring, so do stay tuned.

If you took photos today and wouldn’t mind sharing them (i.e. having them posted to the blog or sent to me for documentation’s sake), please email them to I’d really appreciate it!

All images in this post are courtesy of Scott Whitten

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