Images from ‘Persimmons for Later’

“Peel the Persimmon”
Lulu & Howie (and Siew Chinn’s hands, peeling the persimmon).

Below are images taken by Blair Sneddon at the opening for the Persimmons for Later installation currently at 18 Reasons. Thanks for the images, Blair, and thank you to those who came to watch the screening of the Viva’s film!


Forage Oakland is hosting a winter marmalade and jam exchange! If you have fresh backyard fruit in abundance, you are welcome to bring that as well and barter for preserves (and vice versa). Ideally, preserves will have been made using surplus backyard fruit.

When: 20 December, 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Where: 411 51st Street in North Oakland
RSVP: (510) 289-7557 or

If you are in a gift giving mood and looking for the perfect holiday gift, come to the exchange and leave with an armful of jams.

*Thank you*

Here are two images of a peeled hachiya persimmons that will eventually dry to become hoshi gaki. I came across this image several years ago and was quite taken by it. It was originally discovered on sOs’ photostream on Flickr.

Below are two stills from Viva’s video. The eight minute video should be uploaded to this blog relatively soon; Siew Chinn will walk you through the initial steps of making hoshi gaki.

Below is an image of Rosie, the curator at 18 Reasons, giving a persimmon a gentle massage, as she does every few days to aid in the distribution of the sugars.

Forage Oakland harvesting activities will resume in earnest in January, so please stay tuned!


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