18 Reasons Opening

photo: Maria Gould

Please join me at 18 Reasons this Friday, 11 December 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm for the opening of my show, Persimmons for Later. I have collaborated with Siew-Chinn Chin and Viva Barrows-Friedman to create a hoshi gaki exhibit that pays homage to the traditional craft of hanging and drying of hachiya persimmons. Twenty-six Park Avenue persimmons have been peeled and hung throughout the gallery, and with the help of Rosie Gill and Lulu McClellan, the persimmons will be massaged to produced the succulent, preserved hachiyas that we know and love.

Viva Barrows Friedman, Siew-Chinn Chin, and I have collaborated to produce an instructional hoshi gaki video as well, and it will be screened at the opening.

Please stop by to say hello and enjoy persimmon pudding made by Stacie Pierce. Other snacks have generously been provided by Bi Rite Market.

Thank you!



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