Thank You// Biella

Dear Everyone,

Belatedly, I’d like to thank everyone who played a role in making the Moroccan dinner on 7 June such a success. Thank you to the following people, especially:

Suzanne + Stan: the hosts extraordinaire
Jerome: chef and mastermind until the end; Sherpa
Stacie: pastry chef, rose ice cream wonder
Kelsie: able, energetic, and kind cook
Siew Chinn: able, energetic, and kind cook
Clare: logistics and aesthetics, i.e. readying the backyard for the party
Maria: bouncer
Sam + Simone: Thank you for harvesting mulberries; general set up and clean up

Dinner was beautiful and it all came together in a way that felt very magical and really, a perfect send off. My only regret is that I did not give a small speech, which may have brought the evening together for those who were less familiar with Forage Oakland. But, I suppose I know for next time and that is what I’ll do.

Upon arrival, each guest was given a copy of the Forage Oakland Manifesto (which can also be found here) and a menu.

Below are several images of the dinner, courtesy of Ashley and Maria.

Daniel and Howie

The guest and the mulberry tree in the background

Meringue and the tray of cookies, cookies and meringue which were served with the rose ice cream

First course of fish cakes with cucumber chutney and grilled scallions

The menu, at our ticket collection post

7 June began with the Localize! Environmental Activism at the Grassroots event at the Berkeley Art Museum, where Oakland-based groups showcased their community-based projects and engaged the public in hands-on activities. I hosted an intimate marmalade and jam exchange, and below are a few photos from the event.

Here we have Ron’s honey, most of which were traded for jams and marmalades: plum jam, apricot jam, grapefruit marmalade and ponderosa lemon marmalade.
Ron, preparing a taste of honey.

Below are several images for the Temescal Seed Swap’s seed cart, which collects seeds from the Temescal neighborhood in Oakland and facilitates seed exchanges. One can visit the cart, present seeds to add to the catalogue, and in turn, one can leave with a business size envelope of a different neighborhood seed.

Nowadays, I am in Biella, Italy, completing a residency at the Fondazione Pistoletto. I will remain in Europe until early November, and will gratefully be home just in time for the hachiya persimmon and quince harvest.

I am just beginning work on a neighborhood harvest guide which will essentially be a collection of essays of lessons I’ve learned in establishing Forage Oakland. It is my hope that any community might be able to use the guide in establishing their own neighborhood barter project. When the guide is completed, it will be available through this blog.

If you believe that this work could be valuable for your community and you’d like to make a financial contribution, follow this link. Thank you!

Below are several images of fruit sightings in Biella.

Nespola from Rinco

Natalia in Rinco, three varieties of plums.

Chestnuts in Rinco, 103 degrees Fahrenheit

And just after the rains in Rinco, plums.

Monica in Piedicavallo, elderflowers.

Quince, on the walk from the train station.

And plums just behind the laundry shed.

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