7 June, Save the Date

You are all cordially invited to attend a going away (for now) party, which will take place 7 June, Sunday, at a house in South Berkeley. Hopefully, I will also introduce the team of people who will manage Forage Oakland while I am away.

Earlier in the evening, there will be a formal dinner in the backyard, a sliding scale fundraiser of sorts. Jerome Waag of OPEN Restaurant and Chez Panisse will be chef-ing, which guarantees a delicious meal. Ticket prices will be posted soon, as well as the exact location of the event (once I assure that publicly posting it is okay with the kind hosts).

Lastly, 7 June is also the Localize! Community Activism at the Grassroots show at the Berkeley Arts Museum. Do come to the museum between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm to participate in a public jam exchange (sponsored by Forage Oakland), among other great events. Bring the family, bring the marmalade and jam, and bring yourselves.


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