Citrus Soiree, 26 April

Please mark your calendars on 26 April between 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm for a Forage Oakland Citrus soiree that will include the following:

1) Marmalade/jam/ syrup exchange (for those of you who missed the first event, or who’d just like to replenish your supply)
2) Citrus harvest party (in which several prolific neighborhood citrus trees will be harvested. The fruit will be brought back to the host’s house, processed and redistributed to everyone in attendance)
3) ‘Preserved Lemon’ demo
4) Copies of various citrus themed recipes for all attendees to take home
5) Limoncello how-to

The event will once again take place at Scott’s lovely home, located at 411 51st St., Temescal, North Oakland. It’ll be an afternoon of meeting the North Oakland/ South Berkeley neighbors (though this event is open to anyone, whether or not you live within the Forage Oakland radius); exchanging recipes; enjoying the early spring weather; trying your hand at using a fruit picker; and really just an excuse for Sunday afternoon revelry. If you are interested in attending, please do RSVP so that I might let our generous host know how many to expect. You can call (510) 289-7557 and leave a voice message, or better yet, email Bring your children, too!


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