Agnès Varda; Grapefruit Marmalade; and Chickweed

I discovered a sole passion fruit in the back of the fridge on Monday. Here, along with lemon verbena from Miles St., it is drying. My favorite way to eat a passion fruit is really straight from its cup, halving it, and scooping the flesh straight into my mouth.

Tuesday, after leaving class, I turned onto my block to discover a healthy and abundant patch of chickweed. Thus began the chickweed frenzy in earnest.

And Wednesday, I made 51st St. grapefruit marmalade, which yielded 17 jars of all sizes.

If you live in the Bay Area and have not seen the Gleaners and I, I highly recommend viewing it at UC Berkeley’s Pacific Film Archive. It will be showing on the big screen Friday, 27 March and Saturday, 18 April.


If you are free this afternoon, do check out The Anarchist Bookfair, which is taking place at the San Francisco Fairground Building at the edge of Golden Gate Park. There are books and other media for purchase; free or virtually free media; lectures and panel discussions; and even vegetable and flower seeds for sale. The bookfair is taking place through the afternoon.


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