Today was the Orange Harvest Party + Brunch, which was great fun. We gathered at Helena’s West Oakland house, which turned out to be a eden-like collective of houses that have a communal backyard that includes a mammoth orange tree; a very active rosemary bush; a rooster who pecks on the back door when it wants a snack; and an agave plant that bloomed last fall, that, at its height, was growing approximately a foot per day.

After brunch, we braved the rain and harvested oranges in the backyard. Here are photos from the day.

The fruit picker, one of two that were used for the harvesting.

Helena up the ladder and braving the rain.

Me, with the fruit picker.

Sam catching oranges from Helena.

Hannah with one of two full canvas bags.

And more oranges in the bag.

Sam’s hands.

Fruit picker full of fruit.

Hannah harvesting chickweed (from the front yard) for the citrus and chickweed salad. Essentially, it was a Front Yard (chickweed)/ Back Yard (oranges) Salad.

And again.

Juicing Shafter Avenue oranges yesterday morning in preparation for making syrups for Aunt Carla.


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