Marmalade Exchange

Thanks to all who came to today’s Marmalade Exchange, and a big thank you to Scott, our host! The Marmalade/ Jam Exchange will be a seasonal event, and if you’d like to learn more about the next event, please do sign up to receive the monthly Forage Oakland updates. We have these proposed events for which to look forward:

  • Bay Area Plum Harvest and Canning Day
  • ‘Homemade Tonics’ Exchange
  • Community Canning Tutorials
  • Or click here to propose an event.

Here are several photos from the day:

Christina’s spiced plum butter; apple sauce; and Parker Street lemon curd


Siew’s citrus peel, 51st St. grapefruit, and jars and jars of jam and marmalade.

There is a prickly pear fruit hiding in the corner; city chicken eggs; more 51st St. grapefruit; and three jars of jam, the names of which I cannot read.

John’s pears; Rachel’s quince jelly; Scott’s meyer lemon marmalade.

And here we have photos taken by Maria (thank you!):

More of Siew’s citrus peel: grapefruit, navel orange, meyer lemon.

The lovely prickly pear fruit, which were mostly gifted.

51st St. grapefruit, also all gifted.

Monica and Asiya, with prickly pear fruit in hand.

Here is a list of the many varieties of jams and marmalades today:


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