Ponderosa Lemons and Grapefruit

Please mark your calendars for the first ever Forage Oakland Jam/ Marmalade Exchange, happening Sunday, February 22nd. Details to follow during the course of the week.

Yesterday I delivered grapefruit, the aforementioned 51st/ Broadway grapefruit, to two different homes in the Lower Rockridge neighborhood. I also harvested a dozen or so ponderosa lemons, which I may pass off to Siew Chinn for limoncello.

Here is a photo of a cake, semi foraged, or containing ‘community marmalade,’ a joint effort between myself and Suzanne Husky. I cannot begin to count the number of these such cakes I’ve baked in the past two weeks– upwards of 14. This particular cake is a lemon marmalade olive oil cake with orange and nocino glaze.

And here are 4 such cakes, wrapped and ready for delivery for the In Search of Good Food benefit.
And here we have last summer’s nocino.

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