Dublin Quince vs. Rome Quince

In my travels, I happened upon quince in Dublin and quince in Rome. The first photo is of the Dublin quince, times three. The other three photos are of the Rome quince, which were much larger and more familiar in shape to the variety that I’ve seen here in Oakland.

Dublin quince, foraged with Giles on the Trinity College campus.

Rome quince, foraged at the American Academy with Jerome.
Could it be? A 29th Street hachiya persimmon at 69 Smithfield, Dublin?

Rome was bursting at the seams with public and backyard citrus trees, much like Sevilla is bursting with the bitter orange so named in its honor. In Rome, here is a list of backyard fruit that I was able to chart: pommegranates, persimmons, olives, lemon verbena, bay leaves, citrus galore, quince, wild nettles.

Although it’s not clear from the photo, my bag is actually full of bay leaves, which came from a tree near the Villa Aurelia. The tree was in the process of being pruned.

Wild nettles.

And lastly, a hill of apples from a Bavarian apple tree near my sister’s house in a small city in Germany.


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