2:OO am Olive Harvest + Fruit Pass Off

On Thursday late-night, or really early Friday morning, eight others and I gathered on UC Berkeley’s campus for an olive harvest. Georgia first sent me an email with the tree’s location, and we mobilized a post-work harvest. It may have been successful; the olives have been passed off to Iso, who is curing them.

Here are two photos from the harvest.
Here is a photo of Iso with said olives, which need to be sorted.

(Pineapple guava, in a tin.)

On Monday, 24 November, Iso will be hosting a dinner to introduce the public to his new project, Forage. Yesterday, we had a fruit pass off at my house in which I sent him back to the City with the following, which will be used for the dinner: fuyu persimmons; hachiya persimmons; olives in need of curing; quince; tamarillo; elderberry syrup; warren pears; bosc pears; a small jar of nocino for tasting; wild fennel liqueur; pineapple guava; one passion fruit; and garlic (from the Edible Schoolyard). Eventually, I’ll post the menu to this blog for all to see what sort of dinner is possible to create using food grown in the city.


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