Gifts from the day

Rachel and I spent the better part of the day hopping around Berkeley and North Oakland harvesting an array of fruits, herbs, and nuts. Rachel is using the majority of the fruit for canning purposes, and I am re-distributing some of the pears.

One of our many stops was to a co-op in South Berkeley that is a small Eden– several varieties of apples; two varieties of figs; citrus galore; (chickens) two pear trees; Asian pears; miner’s lettuce, and more. Here is a photo of the pears, captured in the basket of the fruit picker:

Next, we made our way to West Berkeley to harvest pears from a backyard tree. As we were about to enter the back gate, we saw this truck parked near our destination. If anyone can tell me more about this project, I’d be grateful. It may be the letter writing service that I heard about a while back. Either way, Rachel and I left them a note:

And here are the pears from the West Berkeley backyard, and the sweet small golden apples as well:


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