Ask & You Shall Receive

I just received a comment on this blog from a rather disgruntled anonymous commenter. Basically the person was frustrated because she misunderstood the project and thought I was pillaging from gardens and front yards. Please allow me to clarify: I harvest only if I’ve specifically asked permission by the grower. ‘Forage’ is used rather loosely, but I suppose I should say that I harvest the surplus and am attempting to establish a barter program so that we can redistribute the surplus. Read the blog and the project will become more clear, I think. I have a series of postcards that I carry with me and when I spot a house with a fruit tree, planted herbs, etc., then I leave a postcard on the front door steps. It’s very simple.

As far as the maps are concerned, they are not meant to be used as a veritable edible guide to neighborhoods, rather are meant to illustrate the number of households in any given neighborhood that are growing edibles in their front and backyards. More over, the neighborhood maps do not contain exact addresses, rather show cross streets of edibles.

At any rate, please continue to tell your friends and neighbors about this project. There has been a good response so far, and I hope the mission and goal of this project remain clear.


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