The Berkeley/ Oakland Food Redistribution Project

Here is the plan:

I would like to ultimately request my neighbors’ surplus fruit from their trees, and then 1) have a small bartering system within the neighborhood, and 2) have a produce stand at the Sunday Temescal Farmer’s Market. I have not looked into the logistics of this or the technicalities of it, but if it is possible, then I would like to have a stand by the summer time. I would sell fruit, vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers at a competitive farmer’s market price, but the proceeds would fund a project. Right now, I am very interested in the idea of a short summer food justice/ cooking/ writing camp at Claremont Middle School on College Avenue. Claremont is- in a way- a Rockridge anomaly with many of the students living in other Oakland communities, many of which are less economically privileged than the Rockridge neighborhood. When I first moved to Oakland four years ago, I worked at Claremont, and as far as I could tell, there was definitely a dearth of after school or summer activities.

This week I am sending letters to my old neighbors in Rockridge and my new neighbors in North Berkeley to gauge interest in the Food Redistribution Program. If you are interested or you know someone who might be, please direct them to this blog or If you send me an email, please include what produce you have available for harvest, and also what produce you’d like to have delivered to you. Also, let me know what is the best time to harvest, and include your phone number if I don’t already have it.

Thank you!

PS: The image at the top is of three pear ginger loaves I made last fall with pears I foraged from James St. in Oakland.


2 responses to “The Berkeley/ Oakland Food Redistribution Project

  1. This looks like an awesome project! My new roommate works for Berkeley Ecology Center and manages the markets, so she might be able to get you an in? I can’t promise, but I’ll gladly ask her for you. Also, my friend Julie lives in Rockridge and has a lemon tree that she rarely touches (i.e. i’m sure you could have at it.)

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