In the Near Future

In the next month, please look forward to the following:

  • An interview with Ms. W, a local foraging enthusiast
  • A list of in season edible flowers
  • A testimonial about languidly wasting away the German mornings over foraged lemon verbena tisane
  • A complete list of forage-able fruits, vegetables, herbs, & flowers in the Rockridge neighborhood
  • An interview with Ms. C, a Rockridge resident and friend who delivered plum jam to my front door last summer- plum jam made with foraged plums
  • Information on how to become part of the Berkeley/ Oakland foraged food redistribution project

A bike is a vital tool for swiftly weaving through Bay Area neighborhoods in search of forage-ables.


3 responses to “In the Near Future

  1. German fruit teas are dried fruit (but not super dry) that are FANTASTIC for cold nights and are great iced. Common fruits to make a tea with are pear, fig, blackberry, apple, etc. It’s like a Rockridge fruit dream team tea. Cut up the fruit into smallish pieces, lay it put in the sun for a day or until it starts “crinkling” and then add a bunch of it to your tea pot. Let it steep for a good long while, sweeten if necessary, and drink. Yum!

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